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[팟캐스트] (474) 엘리자베스 2세 여왕 장례식 / 김신영, 전국노래자랑 2막을 열다

Sept. 22, 2022 - 10:54 By Korea Herald

King Charles III and members of the royal family follow behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II as it arrives in at Westminster Abbey, London for her State Funeral on Monday. (Reuters-Yonhap)

진행자: 조혜림, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. Britain and the world say farewell to Queen Elizabeth II
기사요약: 영국 최장수 군주로 70년간 재위한 엘리자베스 2세 여왕의 국가 장례식이 거행됐다. 1952년 25세의 나이로 왕위에 오른 엘리자베스 여왕은 96세의 나이로 서거했다. 

[1] Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest on Monday, after a state funeral attended by leaders from around the world and a historic last ceremonial journey through the packed streets of London.
*be laid to rest: 안장되다
*packed: 꽉 들어찬


[2] Britain last held a state funeral in 1965 for the country's wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.
In the six decades since, Britain's global reach has been much diminished and its place in the modern world has become less certain.
But the country has dug deep into its centuries of tradition to honour the only monarch that most Britons have ever known.
*decade: 10년
*diminish: 줄어들다, 약해지다
*dig deep: 깊이 파고들다
*monarch: 군주

[3] But now more than 2,000 people, including heads of state from US President Joe Biden to Japan's reclusive Emperor Naruhito, packed Westminster Abbey, whose 1,000-year history has been tied to royal coronations, marriages and funerals.
*reclusive: 은둔하는
*coronation: (새 왕의) 대관식


2. KBS’ ‘National Singing Contest’ opens 2nd chapter with comedian Kim Shin-young as new host
기사요약: 1980년 11월부터 42년동안 이어진 KBS의 장수프로그램 전국노래자랑을 이끌어온 국민 MC 송해가 지난 6월 별세했다. 그의 뒤를 이어 38세 코미디언 김신영이 제8대 진행자로 발탁됐다. 

[1] After the passing of veteran emcee Song Hae in June, those who grew up watching KBS’ music show “National Singing Contest” has been mired in sorrow. At the same time, all eyes were on who will continue the legacy of the 42-year-old program.
*passing: 소멸, 죽음; (시간의) 경과
*mire: 진흙탕, (곤경에) 빠지다
*legacy: 유산

[2] Many veteran emcees with careers spanning over 30 years were mentioned as Song’s possible successor, but the Korean broadcaster announced last month that comedian Kim Shin-young, 38, was chosen as the longest-running program’s new host in 34 years.
*span: 기간에 걸치다
*successor: 후임자

[3] As the program’s signature xylophone sounds signaled the contest’s official opening, the 38-year-old presenter, who was decked out in a black tuxedo and white shirt, belted out "National!" followed by the audience's "Singing Contest!" in response.
*decked out: 치장하다
*belt out: 힘차게 노래부르다


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