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Immersive tech firm iStaging sets up Asian branch in Seoul

Oct. 4, 2023 - 15:03 By Moon Joon-hyun
From left to right: Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging; Sunwoo Choo, CEO of iStaging Asia; Fabien Bernard, EMEA region market director; Joe, advisor to iStaging Asia; and Sophia Wong, co-founder of iStaging. (iStaging)

The Taiwan-based immersive tech company iStaging said last Wednesday it is expanding its presence in the Asian market by setting up its Asian subsidiary in Seoul.

The inauguration event was held on Sept. 21 at the Daewoo Summit Gallery in southern Seoul, with its key partners in attendance.

The company offers augmented and virtual reality solutions to more than 100,000 corporate clients globally, including Samsung Electronics. With the latest Asian launch, it aims to bolster ties with companies in the region, especially in the fields of fashion and luxury goods.

"With our new office in Korea, we are poised to work alongside local talents and businesses, aiming to propel immersive technology in Asia's dominant markets," said Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging.

Ryu Sung-taek, CEO of the digital lifestyle platform company Hyundai FutureNet, also expressedanticipation over possible collaborations using iStaging’s technology for virtual art exhibitions.

Stephan Emanuely, demand and program director from Louis Vuitton, who joined the event remotely, also touted the French fashion house’s partnership with iStaging.

"After COVID-19, we pivoted heavily to digital transformation. Our partnership with iStaging offered immersive yet cost-effective client experiences, contributing to a 10 percent sales boost in Europe by 2022," he said.

Elisabeth Menant, innovation trends manager from BNP Paribas Personal Finance, also introduced the firm’s joint project that offers immersive real estate solutions like AR-guided home-buying tours and facilitating real-time expert interactions from multiple regions around the globe.

Over 150 attendees from renowned corporations like LG Electronics, Daewoo Construction, and Shinhan Bank graced the launch event.

"Considering Korea's stature in Asian luxury and fashion, we're eager to replicate our European achievements and pioneer commerce tech innovations," said Choo Sunwoo, CEO of iStaging Asia.