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[Best Brand] Coway raises the bar for water purifiers

June 28, 2023 - 15:41 By Kim So-yeon
Coway's Icon ice water purifier (Coway)

South Korean home appliance maker Coway is redefining the market with its innovative design and performance of its water purifiers.

Its Icon Ice Water Purifier has gained attention with its comparably small size. With a width of 24 centimeters and a side length of 47.3 centimeters, the Icon water purifier can contribute to better kitchen space utilization.

Available in ice white, pink, blue, and gray, the Icon Purifier boasts its ice-making speed, with each cycle taking only about 12 minutes and a maximum daily output of 600 ice cubes. Users can opt for ice cubes of their preferred size based on their cooking or beverage needs.

"Coway's ice water purifier products are setting new standards in performance and design, presenting a great alternative for customers seeking ice water purifiers to combat the summer heat,” an official from Coway said.

Hygiene management has been enhanced as well. The Icon Purifier features a four-stage ultraviolet sterilization system, which covers the ice tray, ice storage, ice faucet and water outlet. The NanoTrap filter system in the purifier removes a total of 94 types of harmful substances, providing fresh drinking water directly.

Furthermore, the Icon Purifier reduces unnecessary noise during ice-making and supports smart product management through artificial intelligence technology. Its technological prowess has earned it the AI+ certification, making it the first AI-powered ice water purifier in South Korea.

Coway recently launched a promotion for its Ice-making Water Purifier models for the upcoming summer heat -- the Icon Ice Water Purifier, AIS Purifier 3.0 and AIS Sparkling 3.0 Purifier.

Coway customers of those models can participate in the lucky draw event by registering on the promotion web page online. Prizes up for grabs include Samsung’s the Freestyle beam projector and a voucher for a three-month fee waiver when renting the purifier.