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[Graphic News] S. Korea ranks 16th globally, 5th in Asia in TOEIC scores

June 21, 2024 - 08:01 By Nam Kyung-don

According to an evaluation by the Korea TOEIC Committee, the average TOEIC score of South Korean nationals was 677 out of 990 points last year. This ranks Korea 16th among the 44 countries surveyed and fifth among the Asian countries surveyed.

Overall, Lebanon had the highest average TOEIC score, with an average of 834 points, followed by Germany (819), Belgium (784), Costa Rica (777) and India (776).

Among the Asian countries surveyed, Lebanon led with an average score of 834, followed by India (776), Jordan (702), the Philippines (690) and Korea (677). Asian countries that scored lower than Korea included China at 571, Taiwan at 566 and Japan at 561, showing that Korea scored about 100 points higher on average than these three East Asian neighbors.

Among the 44 countries surveyed, the most common reason for taking the TOEIC was graduation requirements, accounting for 28.2 percent of test-takers. This reason was followed by study purposes (28.1 percent), employment (24.1 percent), promotion (10 percent) and measuring language performance (9.7 percent).