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[팟캐스트] (560) '환자의 존엄한 죽음을 도와줍니다,' 한국의 반응은?

Feb. 22, 2024 - 17:10 By Kim Hae-yeon

At least 10 Koreans so far have made the final journey to Switzerland to die at such clinics. (123rf)

진행자: 김혜연, Ali

Where does Korea stand on assisted death?

기사 요약: 스위스 조력사망 단체들에 가입한 한국인 수는 약 300명, 헌법이 명시한 인간의 존엄과 가치에 대한 국가의 의식 수준은?

Myelitis patient, seeking a dignified exit from pain, challenges local laws criminalizing assisted suicide

[1] While South Korea criminalizes any form of assisted dying, at least 204 South Koreans, as of April 2023, have obtained membership for assisted dying facilities in Switzerland; Dignitas had 136 Korean members, Exit International had 55 and Lifecircle had 13, according to a report from local newspaper Seoul Shinmun. At least 10 Koreans so far have made the final journey to Switzerland to die at such clinics, the report said.

* criminalize 범인 취급하다, 불법화하다

* obtain 취득하다, 획득하다

[2] Kim Young-in, who has been living with complex regional pain syndrome since 2013, joined Dignitas in 2020. “Securing Dignitas's approval (for the assisted dying process) brought me peace,” he said. “What I feared was not death, but the endless pain. Knowing I have the option to end this pain, even as soon as tomorrow, grants me the ability to live today in peace."

* complex regional pain syndrome 복합부위통증증후군

* grant 승인[허락]하다

[3] There, a pressing question arises: Should Korea grant the same choice to myelitis patient Lee, and other people who are in great pain or are terminally ill?

* pressing 긴급한, 거절[무시]하기 힘든

* terminally 말기의, 불치의

[4] For South Korea to find an answer, the conversation is only just beginning according to Park Joong-cheol, a family medicine and hospice doctor at Incheon St. Mary's Hospital and author of “I Want a Kind Death.” “In Korea, there has been hardly any social discussion on these matters,” he pointed out.

* conversation 대화, 논의

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