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Chime Biologics Announced Global Strategic Cooperation with Panolos Bioscience to Advance Multi-specific Therapeutic Proteins Development

Sept. 23, 2023 - 00:10 By PRNEWSWIRE
  • Chime Biologics and Panolos Bioscience have entered into a global strategic collaboration agreement on a novel multi-specific protein drug. Chime Biologics will provide development and manufacturing services to Panolos Bioscience for PB203, a next-generation immuno-oncology drug.

WUHAN, China and HWASEONG-SI, South Korea, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Chime Biologics, a leading CDMO that enables biologic therapeutics development announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Panolos Bioscience, a South Korean biotech company to accelerate multi-specific protein development, at a signing ceremony held in Optics Valley Wuhan, Hubei Province on the 19th of September. Dr. HyeSeong Lim, Founder and CEO of Panolos Bioscience, and Mr. YoungHoon Cho, Chief Business Officer of Panolos Bioscience, as well as Chime Biologics' team attended the signing ceremony.

Panolos Bioscience, located in the suburb of Seoul, Korea, is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of multi-specific therapeutics to treat cancer, auto-immune diseases and rare diseases. Panolos Bioscience has entered into a collaboration with Chime Biologics for a novel multi-specific protein drug, PB203, for solid tumors (PDAC/ICC), which is in the preclinical stage with plans to conduct clinical trial Phase I in the US. Chime Biologics will provide an one-stop biologic CMC solution for the development and manufacturing of PB203 from cell line development, process development, and GMP manufacturing service. And it will be based on the unique Chime's CHOrus platform, which has a highly productive, rapid, and stable cell line development capability to select the optimal stable expression clones based on expression titer and quality.

The leaders from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal People's Government, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, and Wuhan National Bio-Industry Base Construction Management Office witnessed the signing ceremony, and this agreement underlines the strong collaboration between China and Korea.

Dr. HyeSeong Lim, Founder and CEO of Panolos Bioscience, said, "We are pleased to be a global strategic partner with Chime Biologics, and the co-development of PB203 is an important start in establishing our long-term strategic cooperation in Wuhan, China, covering commercial manufacturing. This is the first step in our shared mission to the commercialization of innovative medicines, starting from China and spreading to the world. By partnering with global CDMO Chime Biologics, we will do our best to bring hope and a new life to our patients."

Dr. Jimmy Wei, President of Chime Biologics, said, " We are very excited to work with Panolos Bioscience to drive the project to Wuhan, China, taking unique advantage of Chime's CHOrus cell line development platform that enables the US clinical trials and global sampling. This is not only a recognition of Chime Biologics' new business model and international quality system, but also an important development journey for Chime Biologics to go globally. We believe that Chime Biologics' high-quality platform and rich experience will facilitate the global R&D, clinical trials and future commercial manufacturing of multi-specific therapeutic proteins."

About PB203
PB203, a multi-specific protein targeting VEGF, PIGF, and PD-L1, is currently in pre-clinical development as a potential remedy for solid tumors, notably pancreatic cancer. Its promising efficacy, published in Nature Communication in 2022, was further accentuated during an oral presentation at this year's Immuno-Oncology Summit in the US. This notable discourse emphasized its clear therapeutic mechanism and potential impact on pancreatic cancer treatment.

About CHOrus
Chime Biologics has a highly productive, rapid, and stable cell line development platform to select the optimal stable expression clones based on expression titer and quality. The cell line development is based on our proprietary and highly expressed CHO system. Chime's CHO-K1-derived cell lines have a clear history of use and are tested and qualified. We use advanced single-cell printers and high-resolution imaging systems to ensure cell line monoclonality and shorten the screening time. Cell line generation and monoclonality are fully documented and traceable according to regulatory requirements. Expression titer can exceed 10 g/L.

About Panolos Bioscience
Panolos Bioscience is a clinically staged frontrunner in structure-based protein design and development. Panolos focused on the development of therapeutics for cancer, anti-immune and rare diseases, with a proprietary αART technology that enhances the efficacy of mono-specific or multi-specific antibody therapies through the use of the VEGF receptor backbone. For more information, please visit

About Chime Biologics
Chime Biologics is a leading CDMO that has introduced the first modular biopharmaceutical plant KUBio in the world to empower its partners' success in biologics in the whole process from cell line development to commercial manufacturing. Relying on cell line development and advanced technology development from our Shanghai Innovation Center and proven success in IND-enabling through BLA filing at its Wuhan plant, Chime Biologics is providing a one-stop CMC solution for biopharmaceutical customers around the world. We share a common goal to make cutting-edge biomedicines affordable and accessible to all patients globally, fulfilling its commitment to human health. For more information, please visit